Mailbox Theft 17 Dec
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  Mailbox Theft

December 17 2022, this morning person or persons unknown broke into several mailboxes in Cormorant Passage.

They were able to pry open the front and/or back doors of the boxes and steal all of the contents. Boxes affected were Gardiner Court, Kautz Court, Henly Court, Casey Court and Cormorant Drive. There may be more. Let us know if your Mailbox was broken into or damaged without them getting entry.

I have prepared a link to the USPS approved mailboxes. They are not cheap, ranging from $2450.00 up.   Link to  Mailboxes

These brake-ins have been reported to the Police and the Mail Authorities. Most people don't know that it is the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain and fix the Mailboxes. A resident suggested that we coordinate repairs on all 5 of the mailboxes to see if we can get a price reduction and/or expedited installation. We would need someone coordinate this effort.

One possible solution would be to setup several Cameras. Two at the entrances and several around the neighborhood as a deterrent. I have no idea of the cost or logistics required but with all of the things happening in this world we may have to revert to cameras everywhere.

I haven't heard of any suggestions, or recommendations concerning the mailboxes. According to my rumor mill it could be several months until we are able to receive replacement mailboxes. Does anyone know if the Post Office is involved? How do we get our mail? How often? Do we need to change our mailing address?

If you have any ideas please send them to us on the Website below.

One more reason that we need to keep the Safe Streets Information current. Do your part, help us compile a Safe Streets Master List.

Email your suggestion:   Contact Webmaster  As information becomes available we will provide each Division 1, 2 & 3 Block Representative an updated list of his or her close neighbors with their phone numbers and email addresses.

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