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  Scam, Beware of Scams
The Holiday Season is the season to be particulary careful of scams.

Recently a Cormorant Passage resident received an email from another resident stating that they were out of town and were trying to send a sick relative a birthday present but were unable to do so because of internet problems. They requested that the resident send an amazon gift card to their sick relative for $200.00.


One more reason we need to keep the Safe Streets Information updated.

Email us for information:   Webmaster  As information becomes available we will provide each Block Representative an updated list of their close neighbors with their phone numbers and email addresses.

Keep the Safe Streets Program updated.

If you wish to participate in the Safe Streets Program, please enter your email address. The Safe Streets Roster will only be distributed to the residents on your street. If you Do Not wish to participate just say no or leave the space blank and we will take your information off of the Safe Streets Roster. You will not be informed of any changes, problems, update, etc.

One question potential volunteers and participants have asked is: What are the responsibilities of the Safe Streets Captain?

Answer: Get updated contact info & provide that info to Jim. If problems are reported, the street's captain is asked to please contact the street representatives and initiate the phone tree to inform neighbors of concerns. We also have the option of sending text messages. Safe Streets can also be used in an emergency if needed. It is also suggested that if issues are brought to attention of Street Representatives about problems with neighbor behaviors / common complaints, Safe Streets captains are not expected mediate these issues. Rather, they are encouraged to contact the HOA president to contact the resident. This was noted as a preferred option to maintain a positive role for SS captains, instead of unwittingly placing our volunteers into an enforcement role.

We also want to note that no problems have been identified recently. While we have not had any major problems, we remind everyone that the Steilacoom Police Chief recommends using reasonable precautions, such as keep things locked (cars, homes).

We do have a safe community but from time to time, there is a need for everyone to be increase their vigilance. If you observe suspicious activities, call the Steilacoom Police Department's non-emergency phone number and they will dispatch an officer to investigate. (253-798-4721). (This number is also published each month in the "Around Town" newsletter that comes with your utility bill). It is also posted several places on the CPHA Website . Then email the Safe Streets Coordinator to let everyone else know that "something" is going on. We are also adding an Emergency Contacts Page to the:

CPHA Website

An Informed Community is a safe community

If you see something say something.